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Dr. V. Narayanasamy, Chairman and MS in General Surgery, leads with expertise and vision, driving our institution to new heights in healthcare innovation and compassionate patient care.

Dr.N.Veera Rajkumar

Dr. N. Veera Rajkumar, our esteemed Medical Director with an MS and MCh in Neurosurgery, steers our institution with exceptional expertise. His visionary leadership propels us towards excellence in neurological care, fostering innovation and a commitment to patient well-being.


Dr. V. Sunitha, MD (DGO), FRCOG (UK), the steadfast Medical Director at Vikram Fertility & Women’s Centre, orchestrates with profound proficiency. Her unwavering dedication to women’s health and reproductive care propels our institution towards pinnacles of excellence, ensuring avant-garde solutions and empathetic patient-centered services.

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